Data Access mode in OLEDB Destination component

The OLE DB Destination is the Data flow component in SSIS. This is used for load the data in OLE DB compliant databases using DB Tables view or SQL Commands

The OLEDB Destination component has option of Data Access mode. Using this option we tell the component about mode of data loading in destination. You can bulk load the data in destination and commit per n Number of rows or even we can choose to load the data one by  one and commit on every row.
For Bulk load just select Table or View – Fast Load or Table name or View name variable – Fast Load in Data Access Mode drop down box. Here You can specify the commit size in Maximum insert commit size box the default value of commit size is 2147483647 which indicate that all data is committed in single batch. You can supply the value for this property , but the destination only commit the Rows in the current batch that are
1>    Smaller the number of commit size or
2>    The rows in the buffer currently being processed

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