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SQL Server Database (T-SQL) 
I provide SQL Server database training with real time scenarios. Learn the basics and advanced  query writing techniques with optimization approach. I discuses Normalized Views, Database Architecture, Stored Procedures, Indexes, Joins, DB Maintenance, Query Tuning,.

Hands-On Experience:
Writing basic and complex SQL query with different approaches
Working with Transact-SQL and the graphical tools
Understanding execution plan and optimize query performance
Working with latest SQL Server version
Learn how to implement security for logins, databases and objects
Restore and backup database
Building a database maintenance plan

DURATION: 10 to 12 classes: FEE: 12K
·    SQL Server Architecture
·    Database Designing Techniques
·    Managing Users and Schemas
·    Enable Remote Accessibility
·    Object Naming Conventions
·    Sub Query and Co related Queries
·    Creating type of Views
·    Data security using View
·    Isolations and Locks
·    Query writing technique
·    CTE and CTE iteration
·    Joining technique
·    creating Synonyms
·    Indexes in detail
·    Looping
·    Error handling
·    Stored Procedures
·    Functions 
·    Cursor and its Types
·    Using Triggers
·    using Hints
·    Execution Plan in brief
·    Object Level Security Features
·    tuning SQL Queries and Procedures
·    Meta Data information
·    Undocumented Extended Stored Procedures

SSAS (SQL Server Analysis Services) 

DURATION: 10 to 12 classes: FEE: 12K
·    Data Warehousing Concepts
·    Why we need Data warehouse
·    Data Warehousing Architecture
·    Warehouse Life Cycle
·    Named Query
·    Calculated Columns
·    Derived Columns
·    Cube Designing
·    Advance Cube Analysis
·    SSAS Attributes Hierarchy
·    Partitioning Cube
·    SCDs
·    MDX Queries and Functions
·    Cube Optimization
·    SSAS KPIs and Functions
·    KPIs and Actions
·    XMLA - Security Management
·    Proactive Caching & Tuning
·    SSAS Storage Models
·    Data Mining Techniques

SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services)

DURATION: 10 to 12 classes: FEE: 12K                                                                      
·    Introduction to SSIS
·    SSIS Architecture
·    SSIS Control Flow
·    SSIS Data Flow
·    Transformation
·    Control flow Tasks
·    SSIS Variables and Data Types
·    Expressions language
·    SSIS Configurations
·    SSIS Transaction
·    Different Isolation Level
·    SSIS Package development
·    Package Deployment
·    Advance Controls
·    Custom Scripting
·    Different Logging features
·    Scheduling Packages
·    SSIS Deployment Utilities
·    Migrating DTS Packages
·    Package Backups & Upgrades
·    SSIS Performance Tips
·    Scripting Data Flows

SSRS (SQL Server reporting Services)     
Microsoft SQL Server Reporting services (SSRS) is a complete reporting solutions provided by Microsoft. it provides report development tool report server and management capabilities to create , deploy and manage report servers. it’s very popular reporting tools in many CMM 5 level companies  and also used with SharePoint and CRM system. In this course we will provide you the understanding and practical knowledge of creating reports from scratch, connecting database rendering tool available in SSRS and deploying it on server. you will also be trained for configuring SSRS reporting servers managing Roles providing access to use and configuring subscriptions. We will be discussing real-time report requirement and its completed development process.

What am I going to get from this course?
Understand SSRS and its life cycle
Understand report development technique and using rendering techniques
Using the Business Intelligence Development Studio
By the end of this course, you will be able to create great SSRS reports.
Learn how to extract data from a database
Creating report delivery and auto data driven subscriptions
Using graphical display , Gauge, KPI indicators objects to make reports more interactive.
DURATION: 10 to 12 classes: FEE: 12K
·    SSRS Concepts
·    SSRS Architecture
·    SSRS Report life Cycle
·    SSRS Server Configurations
·    Report Designer 2005 and 2008
·    All available Type of Reports
·    Parameters and Variables in Report
·    using SSRS Dashboard
·    Aggregations usage
·    Chart Based Reports
·    SSRS Report Subscriptions
·    Report Models
·    Assigning Roles 
·    Advance Security Managements
·    Using MDX in Reports
·    Ad hoc Reports using Report Builder
·    Monitoring and Tuning SSRS Reports.

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